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Archery Announcements

Fall Archery League!

  • When: Starts Tuesday September 11, 2018at 7 pm
  • Where: CASL Archery Building
  • Cost: $50 key member, $60 member, $70 non-member, $5 Trophy fee included

The Keys to the Archery building are changed annually

Membership must be current for year and old keys must be returned. 

The cost is $65.00 per year.

Indoor Archery NO CROSSBOWS ALLOWED Everyone must sign in members and guests!!!

Indoor league Fees:

All fees are to be paid in cash or check. We are not set up to accept debit or credit at this time.

  • $5.00 Key Members
  • $6.00 Members
  • $8.00 Non-Members
  • $5.00 Trophy fee

There are no scheduled times for practice and a key is required to enter the building (unless other arrangements are made).

Contact Brian Holmes brianholmes@micasl.org
or call 321-6066 to obtain a new key.

Monday Night Animal League

Start: January 8th at 7 pm

10 week league - 1 - person team, with handicap
contact: Jon Potter @517-231-2420

Tuesday Night Target League

Start: January 9 at 7 pm

Please arrive at 6:30 so that we can set up the paper work for our first night.

12 week league - 2 - person team, with handicap
contact: Gus Goslin @ gasgoss@hotmail.com

Wednesday Morning League

Start: 27th at 10:00AM 

for more information contact Jim Powell

Thursday Night Spot League

Start: January  11th at 7 pm

10 week league - 1 - person team, with handicap
contact: Gary Martin@archerman00@yahoo.com

Archery Fees
Archery Key $65.00 per year
  • 24 hour Archery Building Access
  • Free Outdoor Bale Shooting
  • Discount on Archery League Fees
Indoor Archery Rules
1. Everyone must sign in! (Members and Guests)
2. No food or beverages in shooting area
3. No smoking or alcohol during organized events
4. Members are responsible for guests and their mess
5. Children under 18 years must be with an adult
6. Keep children well supervised
7. Sweep and pull targets after each session
8. Last one out turns off the light and locks the door
9. Targets or practice tips ONLY
11. All shooters shoot on the same line only
12. Shoot target in your lane only
Contact the Indoor Archery Director:
Mike Lifford
for more information.
indoorarchery@micasl.org ||281-3953
Outdoor Archery
3D Course Info

CASL 3-D Course is open to club members and their guests 7 days a week-when open.


1st League

2015 Begins May.
$53.00 MEMBER

Score cards will be in the mail box on the pavillion, there will be a mail box by the cash box for used score cards. Please put "League" by your name when you sign in.

The stakes have been ranged for the course, you are allowed to shoot longer. There will be a sheet explaining this years max ranges. the typical ranges have been:

Stake Max Ranges
White 25 yards YELLOW 30 YRDS  
ORANGE 35 YRDS RED        40 YRDS  
GREEN   45 YRDS BLUE      50 YRDS  

The 3D course we be taken down September -- TBA.     

The ring in the center of the heart is an "X". The offset ring in the heart scores 10, The ring in the lungs scores 8. Put the "X" score in the box scores 12

5 Points for the body
8 Points for the lungs
10 Points for the heart
Contact the Outdoor Archery Director: JIM POWELL jimpowell@micasl.org
517-285-4805 for more information.

Archery Match for the Club CChampionships

  1. Bows to be used: any re-curves or compound bow. Arrows, tabs, release, finger, no range finder and  NO BROADHEADS.

  2. Distance 20 Yards for Indoor Range (NFAA) National Field Archery Association Course.

  3. 5 arrows shot at NFAA 5-Spot target (max. 10 points each arrow.)

  4. 5 arrows shot at FITA target. (max. 10 points each arrow.)

  5. Distance 15-35 Yards for Outdoors Range.

  6. 1 arrow shot at each of the (5) 3-D targets at various distances (max. 10 points each arrow.) 

  7. All targets to be scored according to official (NFAA) scoring rules.