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CASL Facilities

Our outdoor rifle/pistol range has a covered 25 yd range. There are 50 and 100 yd ranges which currently are not covered. Covered does not mean indoor.There has been discussion about building covers/roofs in the future, but nothing is planned yet.

For indoor team shooting, we have a 50 ft pistol/rifle range which is used for .22 caliber [team shooting only].

We have teams that compete in the Central Michigan Rifle and Pistol leagues as well as Plinkers club shooting on Wednesday afternoons. Other indoor shooting, (Archery only) which has become more popular lately, is done in the Archery building.

There are leagues that shoot in the winter as well as outdoor competition in the warmer weather on our 3d range which has many life size animal targets.

We have heated buildings in the winter close to all shooting sites except the outdoor rifle and pistol range. Bathrooms are available for these ranges and are handicap accessible. Shooting hours vary and it is best to check the schedules of each shooting area when making plans for the day.